What We Offer


The TECUnit administers and scores the Cued American English Competency Screening-Expressive and the Cued American English Competency Screening-Receptive. These tests of basic cueing competency, both expressive and receptive, are available through the mail to all cuers. Scores are ranked, and test subjects receive diagnostic feedback.


The TECUnit performs on-site and video taped transliterator knowledge and performance evaluations and screenings for both school systems and interpreting services and organizations. We also provide the Cued Language Transliterator State Level Assessment (1991, Fleetwood &Metzger) to appropriate state agencies for their state screening systems.


The TECUnit is responsible for administering the Cued Language Transliterator National Certification Examination (1988 Fleetwood, Metzger, Williams-Scott; rev.1991). This six (6) part process comprehensively examines the candidate’s working skills and knowledge. The examination represents the nationally recognized knowledge and performance standards for the profession of cued language transliteration.