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CAECS-E Description

Function of the screening

The Cued American English Competency Screening-E (CAECS-E ©2001, TECUnit.) provides a framework for assessing and formulating diagnostic feedback for basic expressive cueing mechanics, form, prosody, and application in discource. It does not assess cueing speed. The CAECS-E is not intended as an assessment of skills related to the professions of cued language transliteration or instruction of Cued American English.

Who can take the test

Anyone who is capable of cueing expressively can take the CAECS-E. The CAECS-E can be applied to determine the expressive cueing competency of Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing people. Employers often require both screenings as a prerequisite to hiring any professional who will be cueing in the educational setting. As of June 1, 2002, the CAECS-E is a prerequisite subtest of the CLTNCE, replacing the BCSPR. In some states, it is also a prerequisite subtest for State Level Assessments, or Quality Assurance Screenings. The CAECS-E screening is available at any time through the mail.

Scoring and Rating

The CAECS-E has two functions. First, it serves to score the expressive skills of the cuer into one of four levels, with Level 4 being Acceptable. The second function of the CAECS-E is diagnostic. Error analysis and performance ratings are listed and outlined with regard to a standard of performance outlined in the rating. All tests are rated by two individuals.

Review of test results

For the CAECS-E, the testee receives not only a rating but also a precise profile of factors which contribute to that rating. A comprehensive report including a description of errors and recommendations for improvement assists the cuer in his/her pursuit of standard cueing. In the event that an employer or individual other than the testee submits the application and pays the fee for the CAECS-E, the individual paying the fee will receive copies of all Rating Profiles and Error Analysis forms.

Application Process

  1. Submit CAECS-E Application Form(s), testing fee ($75.00 each), test security deposit ($55.00 each) and test proctor/administrator’s name and address.
  2. Test administrator receives test(s)
  3. Testee takes test(s)
  4. Test administrator/proctor sends completed test(s) and testing materials to TECUnit, Inc. within 30 days.
  5. Allow 4-6 weeks for results.