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CLTNCE Scoring & Rating

The CLTNCE consists of six (6) subtests. Rating procedures are format-determined. For example, written examination responses are tallied as correct/incorrect. Performance tests are videotaped and scored by trained raters on the basis of relevant features. The Syllables Per Minute Assessment focuses on cueing accuracy at increasing speeds. Factors relevant to the Performance Assessment include, but are not limited to: cueing fluency, expression, indication of sound source, dialectical details, and AES; this subtest is rated by a trained panel consisting of at least one (1) deaf and one (1) hearing rater. Raters compare the performance standard for cued language transliteration with the actual performance modeled by the testee. The awarding of a Transliteration Skills Certificate (TSC) occurs in deference to the demonstrated satisfaction of a TECUnit determined minimum standard of both knowledge and skills. The CLTNCE is administered and rated by the TECUnit, Inc. TSCs are awarded under its authority.