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The Testing, Evaluation, and Certification Unit establishes and maintains national standards for the profession of cued language transliteration. These standards have developed as the product of extensive documentation and are unique in the field of communication facilitation services involving deaf/hard-of-hearing people. The TECUnit is also responsible for the certification of cued language transliterators at a national level via the Cued Language Transliterator National Certification Examination (CLTNCE).

Cued Language Transliteration

Cued language transliteration is an equal access communication facilitation service utilized by deaf/hard-of-hearing consumers and their hearing peers. Properly functioning cued language transliterators provide deaf/hard-of-hearing consumers with comprehensive non-judgmental access to all audible components of a given environment. Consequently, cued language transliterators provide access to the linguistic, intellectual, social and emotional aspects of that environment. A working Code of Conduct has been established to define the proper role and function of a cued language transliterator.